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“Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of intelligent effort.” --   John Ruskin

Would you buy or sell a motorcycle without brakes? Then don’t buy a lithium battery without a battery management system  (BMS)! EarthX has cutting edge  technology that makes it one of the most advanced lithium battery on the market today; custom designed cells to deliver the highest cranking amps possible; and comes complete with a built-in BMS for performance, safety and longevity! This is not an upgrade or optional feature but a REQUIREMENT for a lithium battery to operate correctly which is why we have so many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) using the EarthX brand!  We also have a very unique design with the terminals down the center so if you turn the battery 180 degrees, you will have the positive or negative terminals on the correct side of the battery box. As with all batteries, the positive to positive and negative to negative cable is required.


EarthX Motorsports is proud to announce that EarthX brand aircraft batteries have been tested, approved and specifically recommended by most of the experimental aircrafts and engines manufacturers. 

EarthX currently has 4 battery models designed specifically for the aircraft market; the ETX680, ETX680C, ETX900 and the ETX1200. EarthX lithium batteries can significantly decrease the weight of your aircraft (11+ pounds instantly) and increase your cranking amps all with one product! All of these aircraft models have a fully integrated battery management system (BMS) that is also redundant and have an LED battery fault light indicator that can be used in your EFIS system or a simple LED light on your panel. The BMS provides over discharge protection, over charge protection, short circuit protection, and excessive cranking protection (temperature sensing) in addition to integrated cell balancing technology


Why an EarthX lithium battery for your motorcycle? Take off up to 80% of the weight from a lead acid battery! Lasts up to 8 years! Can sit an entire off season if you have a bike that doesn’t have a draw on the battery like a dirt bike. Unfortunately, the bikes like a Harley Touring have a draw on the battery at all times so you will have to put it on a tender if you are going to let it sit for months. Super fast charging, 2 hours or less! Not to mention you’ll be the owner of the most advanced technology lithium battery on the market that is engineered and manufactured in America!

If you have a vintage bike, you must have a modern regulator that keeps the voltage between 13.8V-14.7V or do not use a lithium battery.

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